Follow up on the latest improvements andย updates.


Weโ€™re bringing the power of push notifications to web apps. One significant benefit of native apps was the ability to send push notifications directly to your usersโ€™ devices and capture their attention to re-engage them. Now, you can send push notifications to native apps, web apps, or PWAs with Adalo.
Reach your audience with notifications no matter where they access your app.
Now, for responsive apps, you can see your app for any screen size & perfect every detail down to the pixel. There is no need to adjust your browser to find the breakpoints for your design; click an icon & voila, your app will respond accordingly.
The same Custom List can now have a different number of columns on mobile, tablet, and desktop, making it easier than ever to make your design look great on every screen.
We've made it much easier to design responsive layouts by automatically handling your custom layout settings for you. Check out the video below for more on how this works.
We've just pushed out some big speed improvements to loading and transitions across all our app types. See the before-and-after video below. Make sure you run a fresh build to see these changes on your native apps.
Creating custom software and apps with Adalo just became so much easier.
Add features like never before to your custom apps with Adalo's new Feature Templates. Each template is fully designed with several responsive screens, actions, and a matching database that will now update your app seamlessly once you add a feature!
We've deployed additional app database clusters to ensure more consistent app performance with less load per cluster and increased stability. This proactive measure reduces the potential for widespread outages and will benefit all Adalo apps across all our plans.
Grouping is better than it ever has been in the builder!
As a reminder, you can make groups two different ways:Learn more in our Grouping and Rectangle help docs.
When linking to a screen with using the "modal" transition type, the list(s) on the initial page would enter into a loading state. This has been fixed.
Not sure if that's a many-to-many or one-to-many relationship? We've added little tips to the Collections sidebar on each relationship that tell you how the collections are related.
These tips should help you remember how you set up your app and give you an easier way to dig into templates to understand how they're structured.
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