Hello, we find this problem when we make apps to clients,
Imagine that in 6 months I stop making apps but my clients' apps are still active, I don't want to pay more for my adalo plan so my clients are affected, so we must make a plan that doesn't tie us to adalo.
Customers pay to make the app (we transfer the app to their account) and then they have to pay $50 a month A LOT to maintain a small app for a small store… imagine a graphic designer designs your logo for you and you can use it you have to pay the Adobe or corel fee… IT'S NOT FAIR
I suggest that we should have an alternative... When creating a new app adalo should ask us: is this application for you or for a client? if he is a client, adalo must give us the possibility to transfer the app to a client account that has a subscription of 10 dls and only one APP is allowed, then adalo is earning 50 + 10 (only one app) so we can sell more.
And also adalo will know which users sell apps and which users make apps for himself