🚀 Launched: Adalo + Xano Integration
We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with the incredible folks over at Xano to give you all a brand new way to store your app's data. With just one copy, click, and paste, Adalo will reach out to get all of your Xano database collections - including users! - meaning you can have your entire database hosted with Xano.
With your app's database in Xano, now you can...
  • Send scheduled or recurring notifications
  • Create, update, or delete records in bulk
  • Set up CRON jobs to run custom workflows
  • Quickly search your database any way you want
  • Have your Xano database synced with other tools!
  • Turn on Adalo + Xano Progressive Loading for 7x faster list loading compared to other External Collections.
🐞 Bug Fix: Extra spacing above App Bar on iPhone 14 Pro
Bug Fixes
The Dynamic Island on the new iPhone 14 Pro was causing an issue with the App Bar component, resulting in a gap at the top of the screen. This has been fixed. There should no longer be any extra spacing above the App Bar on iPhone 14 or on older models. You will have to run a new build to see the fix on native apps.
🐞 Bug Fix: Some apps showing a white screen after login or signup
Apps with conditional actions on login or signup were unexpectedly routing to a plain white screen. This has now been resolved.
🚀 Launched: Robust In-App Purchases For Your Adalo Apps
Enabling in-app purchases on your Adalo app are now easier than ever! You can create paywalled content in your app, sell consumable items, and monetize your app – it's the best way to earn that sweet recurring revenue 💰
How do you do it?
The short answer: Adalo + IAPHUB!
This is a suite of components to use in your Adalo apps that leverages their signature features to make adding and managing purchases and subscriptions through the app stores easier than ever.
🐞 Bug Fix: Missing Publish Toggle on Web Apps
A regression temporarily caused the "Publish" toggle to disappear from web apps, preventing them from being published properly in some cases. This has been resolved. (Note that legacy plan makers shouldn't have the publish toggle, this is only for current plans.)
🐞 Bug Fix: `undefined` value in adalo subdomain for web apps
Occasionally newly created web apps would show
instead of a proper Adalo subdomain or a custom domain on the Publish tab. This has been fixed. Adalo subdomains and custom domains should display their correct values now.
🐞 Bug Fix: Custom Actions showing erroneous warning icon in editor
The Adalo Editor
Bug Fixes
If you had custom actions set up, there was an erroneous warning icon displayed in the editor. This has been corrected and the icon should no longer be shown. Custom actions themselves were not impacted.
🐞 Bug Fix: Custom image & file components not displaying URLs
Bug Fixes
Custom image and file components had access to the URL property, but were not displaying the data. They should now display the URL properly. Native apps will need to be rebuilt for the fix to apply.
🐞 Bug Fix: "Missing purpose string in Info.plist" error in iOS Native build on build upload to TestFlight
Bug Fixes
iOS Native app builds were receiving an error with
error: ITMS-90683: Missing purpose string in Info.plist
on upload. We added a requirement to request confirmation for accessing user Location data and this error should no longer occur.
👀 Join the "Adalo Responsive Alpha" Waitlist
We have been hard at work cooking up the future of Adalo, and while we've still got a ways to go before a public launch, our all new responsive app builder is nearing its first "Alpha" release, which means it's
ready for some talented makers to try out a very early sneak peek. If you like to test software, give feedback, keep secrets, and help find bugs, join our waitlist!
Note that the Responsive Alpha will only be for testing and feedback purposes. If you're looking to build live apps for real users, we're not ready for you yet, but stay tuned!
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