We're so excited to launch our brand new suite of Adalo geolocation features. We didn't just build one new component, we deeply integrated over a dozen new location-based features across the entire platform.
You can now build powerful, location-driven apps that access your user's device location, search for and save addresses and business locations, and perform lots of advanced actions like sorting a list of locations based on how close they are to the user, toggling visibility based on location, or showing the distance between two locations.
Here's the full rundown of amazing new location features:
  1. A new Location property type
  2. Address autocomplete for Location property types inside Collections
  3. A brand new Location Input component with address autocomplete (search for addresses or business names)
  4. Address autocomplete inside forms
  5. Use addresses in Magic Text (grab the whole address or any individual piece like country, postal code)
  6. Choose between different formats for a location’s lat/long coordinates
  7. Access the user’s current device location (save it to your DB, use it in Magic Text, etc.). We’ll ask for permission automatically but you can also do this manually anywhere you like with a new action.
  8. Filter lists of locations based on distance
  9. Sort lists of locations based on distance
  10. New visibility rules based on distance
  11. Use the full address of a Location property to show locations on a map
  12. Show the user’s location on a map on the web (previously this was for native only)
  13. New functions for getting the distance between two locations in miles or kilometers
Note that you'll need a Google Maps API Key and an Adalo Pro or Business account to use these new features.